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Think Live Music. 

Think, Live, Music, an idea, a mantra, a chant it has become a way of life for us. born from late night jams and early morning coffeehouse gigs. we have all travelled and been seasoned in this world of entertainment. We have finally found a home Here in LANSING Michigan.

We invite you to our 8,000 sq foot full production studio in Lansing. a place for entertainers to record rehearse and to perform. We are not a bar pretending to care about your art to sell beers. We are artists looking out for other artists.

Maybe you just need a mix you have recorded mastered or you need a place to record a huge orchestra no worries, we have it covered. Looking for a place to play your music? Our huge live event room is perfect for performing and capturing that live sound! We can offer you the newest full pro tools recording software. The best names in mics and some great rooms for any recording need. The list is huge and our prices are not! Real world recording deals available for those interested.

Please get in touch for a showing of the studio on appointment

Services Offered

  • Studio Recording
  • Live Recording
  • Editing, Mixing and Mastering Audio FIles
  • CD Duplication
  • Merchandise Support
  • Installs
  • Sound Rentals
  • Lighting Rentals
  • Other rentals include: Fog Machine, Bubble maker, projectors, popcorn machine, and more
  • Meeting Space
  • Event Space

Simple PA Packages start at just $100/day and can go up from there. We can handle small 20 person events all the way to football size events with no stress! 

Courtney Highfield 517-420-1873

Courtney Leeann Highfield 517-420-1873

Very long story short Courtney Highfield is an US Army Reservist, LCC Graduate, small business owner, and entertainment lover.

Steven Jacob Lull 616-690-4423

Technical Director/Production Lead